“your problem is reality.

“your problem is reality. You can’t take it.”

21 de julho de 2013

"i wonder how the others see me"

My parents , they think i'm stupid because i don't care about anything, i'm a disappointment to them.. "you'll get lost when you left us" they say. When i came home they never ask about my day, they don't care unless i put them in troubles. They think i'm dumb because i don't have good grades. My parents don't know half of the things i've been through. because they never ask, they don't care because they think i am a failure. Maybe i am. Maybe i am a failure

My friends, they think i'm selfish and a joke. They don't care when i'm down, they wait until i put a smile in my face. None of them ask about whats going on in my life or in my head. Because they don't care. Sometimes i get mad because i'm always there with a smile on my face to help them , to talk about what's put them sad and i like that because i feel like i'm better to them and i love them and that's what I'm supposed to do. But when i need someone there's no one there. They don't even notice. 
They think i'm a failure too. "this dumbass bitch won't ever get anywhere" that's what they think. They think that i'm disgusting and a slut. Maybe i am.

Boys, they think i'm ugly, every guy that seems to be interested only care about my body, when they get that they run away. "she's a slut right? she doesn't care" well , maybe i am right? who cares about that? no one. so maybe i am. 

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