“your problem is reality.

“your problem is reality. You can’t take it.”

6 de julho de 2013


That fucked up feeling when you think you actually know someone, all the details, even all the flaws. When you think he/she is the most adorable person in the world, the most beautiful, the most perfect on every ways. That only person you think that will always be amazing no matter what’s going on, he/she is your fucking hero and your hero wont ever let you down. And then you see: you were wrong. 
You start to see a part of that person you never saw, an ugly part full of hate. All the beautiful it’s gone, and what it lasts it’s all the repulsion and a bitter person. 
Shit happens, and you should let that person you thought he/she was behind. No more pain for you. Let them hate you if that’s the case. You are an amazing person whithout them, never forget.

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